Jennifer Bauer-Conley – Director of Performing Arts – The Emery/Weiner School

Larry has a special talent for helping kids to feel confident. His encouragement of their creativity and collaboration is remarkable- kids leave his classroom feeling respected, safe, and proud, at a time in their lives when those feelings can be hard to come by. Many students who would likely not have pursued theatre have become ardent performers because of the passion Larry ignited in them. Larry was always adored and highly respected by the student body.

As a colleague, Larry can be counted upon to consistently demonstrate the utmost respect and teamwork. In our work together, I found Larry to be kind, approachable, supportive, collaborative, and patient, and I feel lucky to call him a friend to this day. He truly loves working with children, and that passion is reflected in all he does. Any institution would be lucky to have Larry as part of its community, and will certainly benefit from all the experience, expertise, and passion he brings.

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Larry Dachslager