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About Me

Though born in Washington D.C., I spent forty-five of the first fifty years of my life in Houston, Texas. I became heavily involved in live theatre at age seventeen, switching from back and between acting and the technical crew.  After a long stint as a proofreader for the Jewish Herald Voice newspaper, I started teaching and directing theatre at a variety of schools including Theatre Under The Stars.  The last seventeen years of the Houston chapter of my life were spent happily teaching and directing at the Emery/Weiner School and doing private acting, monologue, and audition coaching.

At age fifty, I decided to fill several voids in my life.  After forty-five years there, I never felt at home in Texas.  In addition, for many reasons, I never managed to obtain a college degree.   Finally, though I loved my theatre job, my real passion has always been film – specifically film history.  Therefore, on August 30, 2012, I loaded my life into a U-Haul and moved to Chicago to work toward a degree in Cinema Studies. Though scary and challenging, I loved every minute of this new adventure and would highly recommend that anyone thinking about a later-in-life change do so. I almost added “before it’s too late,” but, as I’m learning every day, it’s never too late.

A large focus of my current life and education has been learning how to use a computer for things other than e-mail.  Many friends, professors, and even a psychic (long story) highly recommended my creating a blog.  I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun it’s been.

In 2015, I graduated from Columbia College Chicago and am currently on the path toward finding out what the next chapter of my life holds.  I’ll certainly keep you posted.




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